Overview: Written by Marion Lloyd-Langton:

This website is a portfolio of Huw’s hand drawn family cards spanning over 40 years.   It also contains a few given to our daughters Louise and Kirsty.  Huw’s chosen theme for his cards are mainly in a  ‘Caricature or Cartoon’ style. Although he occasionally drew us both in silhouette form (some are included here)!

Huw always said if he hadn’t become a musician he would have liked to have gone to Art College. Art was a second string to Huw’s bow. He was a self-taught reader and writer of music and in the same vein a self-taught artist. He enjoyed watching children’s Art programmes on TV covering various techniques. Tony Hart’s Take Hart and Art Attack were favourites of his.  We moved many times and in every town Huw would find a library for music books and an Art shop for books on techniques and for supplies.

In the early days (1970) we were fortunate enough to be offered a free holiday in a flat in Cannes, South of France. Huw had taken an acoustic guitar, oil paints and sketch books. But being very young also very broke, the money and food soon ran out! Huw sketched pictures sitting on the seashore of either Sundown or Sunrise and came back to the flat and painted them. In the morning I would sit on the promenade with Huw’s paintings displayed and sell them for 9 Francs. I look back in horror really, the oils were still wet but they sold! We managed to do this until the oil paints ran out. Then of course it was “Home James”. Although it wasn’t quite like that as we only had one-way tickets to Cannes thus we had to be repatriated home. Our parents were not pleased! But that is another story.

I treasured every card he ever drew for me and the family. This portfolio of some of his art covers Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Anniversaries or simply when an occasion warranted a card. Some are poignant or sensitive but most contain something of Huw’s humour especially in the messages he wrote. I have tried to include the sentiments he expressed in the abbreviated captions.

Footnote: Huw often called band members or fans huwligans (hooligans)!!!!!  Hence title of the website.

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